Destiny players who enjoy the PVP mode are surely familiar with the shooter’s end game. Hardcore Crucible mainstays usually look forward to the weekly reset for the Trials of Osiris game mode. The 3V3 matches have been one of the favorite post-launch add-ons for the sci-fi FPS. It was added to the main game back in May 2015 along with the “House of Wolves” DLC expansion. With “Destiny 2” coming soon, fans have pestered Bungie with questions about the game mode. Lars Bakken, the Crucible lead designer, shares some game-changing details for the sequel.

A new player joins Trials of Osiris in 'Destiny 2'

The PVP elimination matches in Trials of Osiris are about to get a lot more hectic. “Destiny 2” will apparently stick with the same formula of kill or be killed, but this time around, a fourth player can join the mayhem. Everyone’s goal is to win as many games without losing a single match to reach the Lighthouse and earn major loot. Lars Bakken, confirms that the PVP game mode will adapt the 4V4 standard for most Crucible matches. Veteran players will need to adjust as the fourth player scales up the challenge.

More changes in store for the game

The lead designer for the PVP game modes also hinted that there are more on the way. He did not discuss any further details but hinted that “people will be blown away” by the new content, “I wish I could talk more about it,” Bakken added.

Despite the absence of more details, it was confirmed that the 4V4 format would be the biggest change. With barely a month left before the game rolls out, updates can be expected to arrive anytime soon.

eSports in the horizon

PVP regulars are also suspecting that some of the details being left off pertain to eSports. Bungie is aware of how popular the Trials of Osiris is among “Destiny” fans.

Therefore, the developers could be adding spectator-centric options. These should make the game easier to broadcast during official competitions. Furthermore, players hope that a tournament mode or custom practice matches would also make the cut.

Name change and release window

Other rumors concerning the Trials of Osiris are suggesting that the name might be changed for “Destiny 2”.

Based on some speculations, it could be called Trials of the Nine. Bungie has not yet confirmed if the PVP game mode will be included during launch. However, fans can rest assured that it will make a comeback in the sequel at the earliest.