The PC Beta of “Destiny 2” is launching in the later part of August. However, prior to its release, Bungie is rolling out massive Changes to its second game installment. The changes are products of the players’ feedback from the recently concluded console beta.

Quickplay and Competitive matchmaking

Destiny 2” PC players can try the Beta version of the upcoming first person shooter title from Bungie starting August 28. However, before the scheduled launch, the game developer will roll out changes to the game. In a blog post, Design Lead Lars Bakken recently revealed the details of this plan.

According to him, they have learned a lot from players who have entered Crucible and participated in the console Beta. He added that PC players will experience this in the game’s upcoming PC Beta. The design lead added that while there are upcoming changes, the company’s goals are still the same. Bungie still wants to serve players who seek the thrill of fair and fun competition.

According to Bakken, among the changes that players will experience is in the reduced Quickplay Matchmaking times. Now, players will be able to join the matches more quickly. However, he noted that while this is quicker, it might not all the time result to fair battles. This is because the latest changes in the matchmaking will give more emphasis on getting the player to the game instead of matching the skill levels of the players.

Bakken added that winning in Control could also require more points. There are also changes rolled out for Competitive matches of the game. This time matchmaking will take more time as matches will be based more on balanced skill levels.

Other changes

Aside from the changes applied to the game’s Quickplay and Competitive matchmaking, there are other parts of the Beta that have received tweak.

Among these include fixing the Infinite Super, Infinite Grenades, and the Warlock Glide glitches. Players can also expect that Warlocks, like all other classes in the game, now have the same Melee Range.

The game developer has also reduced the time to charge the player’s Super. This change came from players who complained that it took them so much time to achieve Super.

PC Beta players will also experience increased in the damage caused by a grenade in the game’s PvE. The Power Ammo drops in PvE have been increased as well.

Destiny 2” is scheduled to officially release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6. It will be released on PC on October 24. The PC Beta will start on August 29. However, those who pre-ordered the game can access it starting August 28. The PC Beta will run until August 31.