The hype continues for “Destiny 2” as the game has a little over two weeks before its launch. With Gamescom 2017 underway, Bungie has released the official launch trailer for their sci-fi FPS. The preview footage follows their tagline “The World without Light” and features the Vanguard trio Ikora Rey, Cayde-6, and Commander Zavala. All the guardians -- including the aforementioned three -- have lost their power, lost their home (the Last City invaded and destroyed by the Cabal), and all their loot (based on Cayde-6’s speech in one of the previous game trailers).

The Speaker in ‘Destiny 2’

Bungie’s launch trailer also answered one of the biggest questions asked by players about “Destiny 2." The video reveals that the Speakers are actually in the hands of Dominus Ghaul, along with the Traveler and its Light. So far, the released game trailers have supported the developer’s commitment to deliver more story content. This time around, small snippets of the game’s story cinematics seem to be more coherent than the first game. There are some scenes that also explore the antagonist’s side, new characters are also introduced, and they even threw in some action sequences that only add to the excitement.

The Consul and other new characters make an appearance

For the first time since the sequel was announced, The Consul finally makes an appearance.

According to Game Rant, the character has been previously teased and hinted by Bungie. He is shown together with Dominus Ghaul as he gives a status report. Another mysterious character suspected to be Hawthorne is also seen together with Cayde-6 and the others, as they make their way through the ruins of what looks like the Last City.

PC gamers get special treatment from Bungie

The PC version of the sequel might be scheduled to launch at a later time, but there seems to a reason for it. The developers reveal that they have gone the extra mile to ensure that PC gamers receive the best experience. David Dague, Bungie’s community manager, talked about the game during the Nvidia press conference at Gamescom 2017.

He explains that they “wanted to treat PC gamers like first class citizens since the first day of development.”

Moreover, he also wanted gamers to know that the PC version of “Destiny 2” offers more options to tweak their gameplay experience. 4K graphics, HDR and SLI support, an in-game frame counter, and possibly more. It was not confirmed if any of these will be included in the PC open beta next week.