An increasing number of reports from numerous “Pokemon Go” players reveal that a new security measure has recently taken effect. It appears that niantic labs is now detecting, flagging, and issuing warnings to GPS Spoofers.

A few days ago, Niantic Labs released a security update in the popular augmented reality game. Initially, it targeted the accounts using third-party apps such as IV Checkers, online trackers, and bots. The update resulted in a massive number of Shadow Bans, warnings, and tainted or flagged IPs. This issue has caused problems to the third party development community and they collaborated to find a solution to the pressing issue.Until now, apps from PoGODev, Rocket Map, Bossland, Monocle, Waryas have not yet resolved the issue.

Warnings issued

While the community is still looking for possible ways to solve the problem, reports from both iOS and Android players of “Pokemon Go” about GPS Spoofing are mounting up online. According to the reports, Niantic Labs is now going after players who are using location mocking techniques to exploit the game. While the previous update did not include GPS Spoofers, it appears that it is no longer the case now.

Players recently received warnings from the game developer about using third party apps. This is the first time that offending players using GPS Spoofing mechanisms to have confirmed that they too got the warnings. This means that the new security measure released by Niantic Labs is also cracking down Spoofers.


So far, players who have received warnings about use of Spoofing mechanisms have not yet received any bans or have not been flagged, yet. The message, however, says that continuous violation may result in loss of the player’s account. This means that future bans are just in the corner waiting to be implemented to whoever will dare to continue the practice.

The recent update is much efficient than the previous security measures the company has released since the game was officially launched. Interestingly, the players who have received the warnings admitted that they have not cheated recently. In other words, the game’s new algorithm is using the historical data for analyzing the offenders.

Who is affected?

So far, it appears that the security measure is effective across the globe. This is evident in the report gathered by a Japanese “Pokemon Go” fan site reporting the same warning received by players in the US and other parts of the world. Niantic Labs has not yet released any statement about the latest security measure rolled out in the game.