Gamers admit that the “Destiny 2” open beta was a straight forward affair. There were little to no explanations given about the new gameplay system and other elements. Gamers were also able to notice that the cooldowns for both grenades and abilities were a bit slow. Some gamers also wanted some justification as to why the weapon system was overhauled from the first game. Given all of the feedback, Bungie assured fans that the console open beta was running on an older build of the sci-fi FPS. They also assured fans that the reported issues were already amended before the game will launch next month.

Bungie goes into detail regarding the weapon system in “Destiny 2”

To answer the queries about the newly implemented system in the sequel, Edge magazine conducted an interview with “Destiny 2” game director Luke Smith. He was able to share some detailed information about the tweaked weapon slots, exotic items and their perks, and how everything was rebalanced to encourage players to stay active. One of the most prevalent reasons almost everyone agrees upon is that the changes were made for the sake of PVP balance.

According to Smith, the change definitely makes it easier for his team to control the damage output from weapons in PVP. However, he also noted that the changes were meant to benefit both PVE and PVP game modes.

It seems that the developer wanted players to communicate and plan their loadout prior to an activity. Meanwhile, it was also previously detailed that some higher level activities will intentionally lock out some load-outs. This was reportedly intentional to encourage players to think carefully before they engage a difficult mission.

Ability cooldowns, equipment, and perks

First of all, the overall cooldown for both grenades and special abilities will get an increased recharge rate. Second, further enhanced cooldown can be achieved as long as players stay active during missions. Unlike the previous game where statistics like Intellect, Discipline, and Strength affected the cooldown rate.

“Destiny 2” players can mix and match certain class perks with their equipment to further improve their overall recharge rate.

PC Beta expected to feature changes

Bungie is scheduled to release the PC open beta for “Destiny 2” soon. They also confirmed that improvements have been made compared to the console beta last month. PC gamers will be able to enjoy the unlocked frame rate, 4K resolution, and more provided their rig is powerful enough. The PC open beta is also expected to introduce new weapon load-outs as well as a new Crucible map called Javelin-4. The game is scheduled to come out on September 6, 2017 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Meanwhile, the PC version will launch a month later on October 24, 2017.