It was previously reported that Bungie addressed concerns about content for “Destiny 2”. Gamers generally felt that the first game lacked more story content and people felt it needed some other tweaks as well. The developer made it known that they are happy with the amount stuff players will experience in the sequel. They even boasted that gamers will complain about how much content they have included. New details also reveal that players will be occupied with the game’s story campaign for a good portion of their time with the FPS game.

Some “Destiny 2” content locked by campaign

Edge Magazine reported that “Destiny 2” will have players focus more on the main story. Bungie has apparently designed the sequel to hold off some of its content until much later in the game. In the original title, most of Pve content revolved around Strikes and Patrols. On the other hand, the sequel will have Adventures, Lost Sectors, and Flashpoints. Furthermore, these items will only become available once users complete at least two-thirds of the game. The editors of the magazine also got a chance to play the retail build of the game and its campaign. They concluded that the story missions were very interesting enough on their own.

New PVE game modes detailed

Once players have played through the story campaign, they will receive access to the bulk of the PVE content. These game modes were meant to prolong the user’s experience, especially in the end-game. Adventures will have players complete a story-based quest that is also a fully-voiced. Flashpoints are weekly high-level activities connected to Public Events.

Lost Sectors were previously described as miniature raids that players can discover while on Patrol missions. All of these will be initially locked until certain campaign requirements are completed.

No shortage of content for the sequel

Earlier this week, it was confirmed that “Destiny 2” will have over 80 missions and other activities.

The surprising number of activities in-game is surely going to keep everyone busy for a long time. What comes after all of these is the raid, which is expected to follow a short time after the game launches. Bungie continues to share more information about the game the closer its release date approaches. So far, their promised features have all been received warmly by fans and gamers alike. "Destiny 2" will launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One on September 6, 2017. The PC version will soon follow and come out on October 24.