In many Video Games these days, players would first want to save up a lot of Items before going on defeating the enemies in it. As time passes though, they are left with the conundrum of what to do with the leftover items that they have hoarded throughout their journeys. Here are some of the reasons why they do it and what they should do in order to free up some space in the inventory.

Save up for bigger bosses

One of the reasons and maybe the biggest one for hoarding up a lot of items is due to the fact that players want to save up for the big bosses that are difficult to defeat.

Sure, they may use these items up for such monsters, but in the end, they will have higher levels this time around, better weapons and equipment, and ultimate skills that would replace the purpose of the said items.

There is a merit for collecting all the items you need to defeat a bigger boss especially near the end, but that would definitely waste a lot of space. Games that have storage boxes would be a big advantage and satisfy a hoarder, but a game that has limited inventory will be forced to make big decisions near the end.

Collecting all of the unique items that could be found

Another reason why some players hoard a lot of items is to collect different kinds of unique ones throughout the game.

This happens especially if it has different kinds of weapons and armor that have cool designs, but poor stats. I get that it is for collection’s sake, but that definitely will take up a lot of space for your inventory.

Some might sell the old items that they are not using anymore, but there are others that are so extreme that they collect every single item they find in the game, even a measly stone.

This will have problems in inventory before they move on to another chapter and they really need to learn how to manage their items.

Thinking of the cost of the item

Another reason why players would hoard items is the fact of the money they spent in buying such items in the first place. They feel that it would be a waste to just sell it to a random in-game shop for less the money they spent, and they would just waste the money they spent, whether in-game cash or real money.

With this, a lot of players would have a lot of items stashed in their storage boxes or even in their personal inventory.

Do not be afraid of selling your items

Players who have this kind of symptom should sell their unwanted items that have no purpose. Lower level equipment and weapons should be the first ones to go since they sell off a lot of cash. Restorative items that are also low level should be sold too unless the game has a feature that can fuse these items and turn it into better ones. Only leave the higher level items and the ones that are really needed in completing the video game.

Do not throw out items unless the game forces you to do it. Only choose the ones that really do not have any value and useless as a replacement for a better one.

Following these methods will definitely free up a lot of space of your inventory and it can accommodate more important items now.

Here is a video of "Resident Evil 7" and its item management since it is a perfect example: