Blizzard’s popular first-person shooter game “Overwatch” and strategy card game, “Hearthstone” will both get a plethora of sorting features on Twitch. This new filter was recently announced by the popular streaming service that will aid fans in finding the streams that interest them.

New filtering feature

The new Sorting feature provided by Twitch to “Overwatch" will allow fans to categorize streams by the kind of hero being used. For players of the strategy card game, they can sort it by player rank, game mode, hero class, and a number of wins.

This is very helpful to gamers who are interested in polishing their techniques and strategies with different decks or checking on how dominant gamers fare when fighting with a certain hero. In addition, players who only intend to view the top-level “Hearthstone” players now can filter other streams that although popular are focused on lower rank plays. The same feature has been previously launched to “League of Legends” where players can sort the streams by Champion.


The latest feature is using a new technology acquired by the company dubbed as Clipmine. This technology aids in determining what is in play in the hero of Blizzard’s first-person shooter title. In addition, it has a specialized technology designed pick on on-screen items like the player’s HUD and translates it into useful information for the popular streaming service to in return automatically detect.

So far, it is not yet clear on how fast the technology used by ClipMine will update as soon as the player switches a hero or a card deck.

According to Twitch engineer and ClipMine co-founder, Zia Syed video game streams is composed of a very rich structure that is tough to exploit in terms of triggering content discovery. Through the machine learning and computer vision developed at ClipMine, Syed noted that they were able to recreate the difficult structure in a cost effective, scalable, and reliable way.

Moreover, he added that because of this, they were able to match viewers and creators in a very specific manner.

The collaboration between Blizzard and Twitch is good for two years and has taken effect two months ago. The partnership also gives the popular streaming service all third-party streaming rights to the game developer’s eSports content.

Interestingly, the two companies are making new innovations to further fit Blizzard’s games with the streaming service’s platform.

Meanwhile, Blizzard announced earlier today that the highly requested reporting and punishment system for the console is finally coming to “Overwatch.” The feature will be released on the game’s console version along with Patch 1.14.