Nowadays, Open World Video Games are becoming the trend in modern gaming. Fans usually play these types of games immerse themselves in the vast, explorable world with plenty of things to do. The possibilities are almost endless, especially for some games, as players can literally explore anything they see in the distance. However, open world video games are quite tricky to do, and some are riddled with bugs and glitches that ruin the immersion. With that in mind, here are some of the best open world video games you can play today.

‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’

The latest entry in the “Zelda” series, “Breath of the Wild” puts you in a vast world filled with great dangers and adventure. Here, you’ll take control of the series protagonist Link as he goes off and tries to fix the mistakes of the past in an attempt to help Princess Zelda win her ongoing 100-year battle against Ganon. The plot is simplistic enough, but the main meat comes from the journey and exploration itself. Nintendo really outdid themselves this time as there are almost no limits when it comes to exploring the world. Moreover, “Breath of the Wild’s” physics allows for plenty of unique actions within the game. All in all, “Breath of the Wild” is arguably the best open world game in 2017 for its minimalistic narrative and amazing gameplay.

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’

This Sony exclusive was released a few days before “Breath of the Wild,” yet still managed to stand on its own despite the immense praise for Nintendo’s game. In this game, you’ll take control of a woman named Aloy who sets off on a personal quest in a land filled with dangerous robotic creatures that resemble prehistoric creatures.

The futuristic dystopian theme is pretty unique as the developers tried to blend old and new elements together. If you own a PS4, “Horizon Zero Dawn” should definitely be in your gaming library.

‘Xenoblade Chronicles’

This title is a bit different compared to the other two games in a sense that it has heavy Japanese role-playing elements.

Even so, “Xenoblade Chronicles” has an enormous world that’s actually just a huge body of a giant. The protagonist, Shulk, and his friends embark on an epic adventure to learn the secrets of the mystical sword, Monado, and try to save their world from the invading Mechonis. “Xenoblade Chronicles” has a solid narrative filled with drama, comedy, and action while offering players the chance to explore the world to their heart’s content.