The popular asymmetric survival video game,Dead by Daylight,” is offering a whole new suspense thriller fun with the addition of another dreadful killer, The Huntress. She has now arrived via the free "Lullaby for the Dark" chapter that was first made available for PC owners last week. It will soon be available for Xbox One as well as PS4 version.

Anna, or The Huntress, is one of the eight killers featured in the latest and fifth chapter DLC released for “Dead by Daylight” recently. The add-on also includes a new map called Mother’s Dwelling and a new survivor, David King.

Interesting facts about The Huntress

This new mad killer clad in a head of a hare has a skill to throw hatchets with lethal precision, which she learned from her mother. She has the ability to take down her victims within range and begin a trial with five hatchets that are refillable at lockers.

Her main weapon is a broad ax – a customary type of ax with large heavy head ideal to use for chopping logs. She has a number of perks while her survivor, David King, also has perks that enable him to act alone or as a team player.

Fans can now download the Lullaby for the Dark chapter on PC for free. Those who are using PS4 and Xbox One will still have to wait a bit more for its release soon, hopefully.

At this time, game developer Behaviour Interactive and Starbreeze Studios have not yet set the release date for the DLC 5 on consoles.

Who’s coming next

Players on consoles should not fret, however. Halloween comes early to them with the release of Halloween update this summer, adding a slew of exciting additions to the game.

The upcoming Halloween chapter DLC will bring the 80s horror icon, Michael Myers. He will be introduced in the survival horror game as a new killer with a perk called Evil Within that has two phases.

In the first phase, the killer becomes slower and weaker but the detection skill is higher. The second one gives faster speed and powerful attacks but with a limited detection skill.

The next update will also add a new playable character, the ultimate girl Laurie Strode who wears high-waist jeans and blue-collared shirt. It will also include a playable map, Haddonfield – a fictional hometown of Michael Myers in Illinois.

The official release date of the Halloween update is not announced yet but fans should be on the lookout for new details coming out anytime soon.This DLC is slated to be launched on “Dead by Daylight” Xbox One and PS4 versions in August.