The highly anticipated open world action-adventure video game for PC and Xbox One, "Crackdown 3" will not arrive until 2018. That's the latest news confirmed by Microsoft to Polygon, which reported that the delay was relayed by Microsoft Studios Publishing general manager Shannon Loftis. According to Loftis, the studio wanted to make sure that they could "deliver the right game, with the right quality, and at the right time." The game was originally slated to be released this November 7, but as per the latest from Microsoft, the studio feels that it isn't ready to meet the general public just yet.

Microsoft needs more time

Just like any massive endeavor such as creating a game, Microsoft needs more time to ensure that the gameplay experience would be well worth the wait for players. Shannon Loftis explained that in order to create a perfect balance between the game's three modes—campaign, co-op, and multiplayer—the studio will be needing "extra development time." She described the upcoming game as "hugely ambitious," and admitted that the studio's goal was to really create a consistent gameplay experience for players all throughout the game.

New release date in Spring 2018

"Crackdown 3," which was previously set for a November 7 release, will now land on PC and Xbox One in Spring 2018. Microsoft did not specify a release date just yet, but given that "pushes the technological envelope with immersive true 4K gameplay, cloud-computing competitive multiplayer and a sprawling and futuristic open world" as per Loftis, the studio will need more time to deliver what they have promised.

Previews of the game released

"Crackdown 3" was first announced during the 2014 E3, but it wasn't until this year's San Diego Comic-Con that players were able to get a closer look at the upcoming game. Interestingly, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star Terry Crews, who was aiming to lend his voice to "Overwatch"'s Doomfist, was cast in a "Crackdown 3" role as Commander Jaxon, an Agency strike force who according to Rolling Stone got his very own special suit that includes "extra adornments and features" that other Agents do not have.

Goal of the game

Back in July, "Crackdown 3" design director Clint Bundrick spoke to Rolling Stone, sharing that in the upcoming game, "The player's ultimate goal is to dismantle this hierarchy, but part of that is figuring out who these characters are and where they are in the world." It involves a lot of attacking foes, who will make gameplay more difficult. "Crackdown 3" is set to arrive on Xbox One and PC in Spring 2018.