‘’Crackdown 3’’ gets a release date and an explosive trailer starring no less than Terry Crews. It has been a while now since fans have heard from Microsoft about the details of this game. It was in 2014 when the title was listed as an Xbox One exclusive. During the company’s E3 press conference, fans were given a treat when the lengthy gameplay trailer was released along with other details.

Latest trailer

The most recent footage shows Terry Crews exciting viewers. It reveals an open-world action game where players pick and throw vehicles, and jump into the air.

However, it fails to confirm if Crews will really appear in the game or just a part of the latest trailer.

Game details

From the latest ‘’Crackdown 3’’ trailer, it appears that Terry Crews will play the role of Commander Jaxon. In addition, Orb-collecting activity is back. The game follows the story of a worldwide power breakdown that as a player you have to fight against. There are oversize weapons that players can use for melee takedowns.

Aside from those, characters have movement choices, which includes bolstered jetpacks, jumps, and rolling. There are also Environmental effects that can be used to fight opponents. One example is shooting on the electrical box to hit shooters in the adjacent area.

Moreover, players can single cars all at once with the use of Graviton Surge like effects. There is also the biotic punch feature that the player can use. As to the weapon, it appears that the mag rifle shown resemble like those used in “XCOM 2.”

It can be recalled that there are several talks in the past that the game will utilize cloud processing technologies.

This is to enable complete annihilation of the multiplayer mode of the game. So when in the trailer, Terry as Captain Jaxon, orders player to drop buildings to opponents, he was actually serious about it. This feature, however, is currently limited to multiplayer. The game’s single player campaign has not been revealed in detail yet.

‘’Crackdown 3’’ will be exclusively released on Xbox Live and Windows 10. Players can get their hands the game starting November 7. The open world action game’s website will regularly update now and then with the latest news about the title’s contents. You can check out the latest trailer below.

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