"clash of clans," the massively popular online game developed by Supercell, will celebrate its 5th year anniversary on August 2. As such, the game will receive an update that will add special limited in-game treats that befit a momentous event. Find out what “Clash of Clans” has in store for its players!

Seasonal additions: Battle Ram, Shrink Trap, Builder Hut, and more

“Clash of Clans” has its own inimitable way with regards to celebrating seasonal events. Last year, during its Christmas Event, the Ice Wizard from its sister game, the “Clash Royale” crossed over to the “Clash of Clans” game.

In addition to the Ice Wiz, Supercell introduced a seasonal feature called the Freeze Trap.

As per the standard operating procedure of Supercell with regards to seasonal additions to the game, both the Ice Wizard and the Freeze Trap were both removed from “Clash of Clans” after the Christmas Event. However, the game is celebrating its 5th year anniversary and players can expect better in-game additions and limited time events and offers from arguably the most successful mobile game in history.

According to recent reports, “Clash of Clans” will add the battle ram and the Shrink Trap for its Anniversary Event.

In addition to those two features, the Builder Huts will allegedly receive a special upgrade only for this event.

The Battle Ram, a staple card in the game “Clash Royale,” has a slight difference from its “Clash of Clans” counterpart. The Anniversary version of the Battle Ram would spawn 4 regular Barbarians upon impact. The impact itself would deal damage to troops and structures.

The Shrink Trap will reportedly do what its name suggests: it will make the affected troop smaller and reduce a predetermined amount of hit points and damage of that troop. Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports about the Builder’s Huts suggest that Builder’s Huts will spawn defending troops throughout the duration of the Event.

‘Clash of Clans’ lines up its Clashiversary Events!

During the Anniversary Event (Clashiversary Event), a Birthday Cake will spawn in the player’s village. The player can remove the Birthday Cake for 25000 Elixir in exchange for 75000 Elixir.

The aforementioned Battle Ram will also have its niche in the Clashiversary Event. A player must use at least 1 Battle Ram and win a number of multi-player battles to get a reward of 100 XP and 20 Gems.

Also, what’s a seasonal event without a one-gem resource collector boost? Players can boost the outputs of their collectors for one day using a solitary gem for each collector.

There will also be two separate Events for the Giant and the Wizard called “Giant Surprise” and “Boom in a Box,” respectively.

And lastly, the Shrink Trap Event will reduce the size and speed of the affected troops while also decreasing its attacking and defensive stats.

When will the update roll-out?

The 2017 Anniversary update is expected to roll out on August 1, 2017. Players can take advantage of these new features and have a “Clash of Clans” experience like they never had before. After all, this is a seasonal update so it will not last long. But for an Anniversary treat, it seems like “Clash of Clans” has outdone itself yet again. Well played, Supercell, well played!