It has been quite a while since a new card has been introduced in clash royale.” While many would argue that the latest addition, the Night Witch has already changed the landscape in the “Clash Royale” Arena, more cards are coming down the pipeline with the potential to have as much as an impact as the Night Witch did. One such card is the Cannon Cart which the gamers can acquire earlier than its official release date by winning a 2V2 Draft Challenge that starts today.

Cannon Cart Key Stats

The Cannon Cart is up for grabs when the 2v2 draft challenge starts today.

A player has to win 12 matches in order to unlock the newest card in “Clash Royale.” However, if the players fail to win the required 12 matches, they can acquire the newest card from the Hog Mountain Arena (Arena 10) starting on August 6.

The Cannon Cart is a troop-type, single-target, Epic card. The Cannon Cart is a troop-type card, not a building, or at least it doesn’t become a building until its shields fall off. Half of its HP is derived from the Cart on which the Cannon is placed. When the Cart is destroyed, it loses its wheels and the Cannon becomes stationary.

It costs 5 elixirs to play and has the same attack range as the Ice Wizard but it does not pack a wallop as it cannot kill the Goblin, the Archer, or the Princess in one shot. The Cannon Cart can be cloned, making it the only building that can be cloned.

Pros and cons

The Cannon Cart can deal a lot of damage. It can be used as a support unit for tankers.

However, it has relatively low hit points and as it is a single-target card it would hard-pressed to stop melee troops such as those pesky Goblins (Normal Goblin, Spear Goblin, Goblin Gang, and Goblin Barrel) and even the Skeleton Army.

The Cannon Cart, as mentioned above, can be cloned using the Clone Card. And as it has 2 modes, it is ideal for use in defense.

It becomes a stationary Cannon after its Cart has been destroyed, causing attackers to focus on it while allowing the towers to hit the rushing troops.

Upcoming cards: Mega Knight, Flying Machine, Skeleton Barrel

If “Clash Royale” follows its release schedule, the Next 3 cards are going to be released 2 weeks apart following the August 6 release of the Cannon Cart. The next cards in the line up are the Mega Knight, the Flying Machine, and the Skeleton Barrel.

The Mega Knight is a Legendary troop-type card that costs 7 elixirs to deploy. It has more HP than the Lava Hound, an attack speed like the PEKKA, deals a frontal damage like the Dark Prince, and has a jump ability that allows the Mega Knight to deal twice the damage like the Bandit.

The Flying Machine is a Rare troop-type card with card costs 4 elixirs to deploy. It has a 6-tile attack range which makes it ideal as a support for the Giant or for targeting the Inferno Tower. The Flying Machine deals as much damage as the Baby Dragon but it is ideal for air defense.

The Skeleton Barrel is a Common troop-type card that costs 3 elixirs to deploy. The Skeleton Barrel is similar to the Battle Ram wherein the Battle Ram spawns Barbarians when the Battle Ram is destroyed. The Skeleton Barrel spawns 8 Skeletons. Its movement speed is comparable to the Balloon.