Sony Interactive Entertainment Santa Monica Studio is set for partnership with Neca to create new “God Of War” products. It includes a Kratos’ action figure and weapon. Here are the details and everything that is known so far about the PS4 exclusive “God of War 4.”

New items coming soon

Neca has announced that they will be creating two products from the upcoming game. This is a partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment, which was revealed during the Comic-Con in San Diego, California.

The new items include Kratos’ amazing action figure and the replica of his axe weapon.

Moreover, his action figure is will be seven inches tall with around thirty points of articulations. It will also feature specific details and nice sculpting.

In the new “God of War,” Kratos will be playing a role of a father to Atreus. Hence, his action figure will show a fatherly look along with his new beard.

Sony and Neca are also creating a replica of Kratos’ new axe. It is a foam prop that is 36 inches long. Though it is a very dangerous weapon in the upcoming PS4 exclusive game, its replica is perfectly safe to swing around. To hype up its franchise’ fans, game director Cory Barlog has tweeted its prototype.

Game development update

In Barlog’s tweet, he revealed details of the game’s development.

“Tools for surviving playtesting day 3. Excited about the progress of the game but dear gods so much work to do,” posted Barlog. Hence, the upcoming “God of War 4” is still needed to be play tested. Moreover, its game developers have still a lot of things to do before its release.

PS4 exclusive game to focus on Kratos

Cory Barlog also revealed that the game will no longer feature the cinematic pull back camera.

There will be no cut scenes that will show what someone else is doing. Hence, the upcoming PS4 exclusive new “God of War” will entirely focus on Kratos. Players can still control the camera in some scenes, but there are times when the camera takes control to put emphasis on something.

Barlog explained that this is a positive approach to tell a much more personal story.

This will also allow players to know their character more and fully immerse in the game. He also assured that the upcoming new “God of War” will be no less epic than the other games.

‘God of War’ release date

The game is set for release in early 2018. This will be available on PS4 and PS4 Pro. More details will be unveiled in a few weeks or months. Stay tuned for more game updates!