Capcom has revealed a new trailer for the highly anticipated “Monster Hunter: World.” The trailer showcases the Wildspire Waste, the new area in the game.

The Wildspire Waste trailer

Contrasting the lush forest area that Capcom revealed last month in a gameplay video, the new trailer showcases the sandy canyons of Wildspire Waste. Even though the area is an uncharted territory, the trailer proves that the blistering heat is still a capable home for a thriving ecosystem of various rare creatures.

In the area, the players can discover exotic monsters like the egg-stealing bird-like creature called Kulu-Ya-Ku.

The large Wyvern creature Barroth also makes its return in this installment. You can watch the trailer below.

More information about the game

In an interview with Polygon at Gamescom 2017, “Monster Hunter: World” producer Ryozo Tsujimoto said that they will continue to produce free downloadable contents for the game after its release. He explained that the players will be asked to login to an online service if they want to play with their friends or other players. Adding to that, he also revealed their plan to release some quests that will only be available for certain time periods. Regarding how it would affect the overall game is yet to be determined.

Capcom announced that the upcoming game will have the same volume of main story content as the previous Monster Hunter games.

The executive producer, Kaname Fujioka, also stated that they had the right priorities when creating the game and they don’t want to let the players down, especially the long time hardcore fans.

Monster Hunter: World” is an upcoming action roleplaying game that is currently being developed by Capcom studios. It is going to be the fifth installment in the famous Monster Hunter franchise.

The game is going to feature a four-player online co-op mode and will allow cross-regional play between Japan and Western regions.

The upcoming console version of the game will feature ultra-high resolution and other advanced features available on PlayStation 4 Pro and the recently released Xbox One X. According to the game’s producer Tsujimoto, the reason for the delay of the Microsoft Windows version is to make sure that the game will be well-optimized.

Monster Hunter: World” is currently scheduled for worldwide release early next year on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with the Microsoft Windows releasing later on. However, the Japanese version of the game will only be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.