A week before its official launch, Square Enix decided to release a new trailer for the highly anticipated “Life is Strange” prequel game titled, “Life Is Strange: Before the storm.

The launch trailer for ‘Life is Strange: Before the Storm’

The trailer starts by giving us a glimpse into the 16-years-old Chloe’s unpleasant home life. She explains through a dramatic inner monologue that her father’s gone, her best friend has left her, and her home life is a joke. Then, we see Chloe arguing with her mother about David, the new man in the house. It appears that she hasn’t quite moved on yet about her father’s death, as seen on her hostile reaction to her mother’s new husband David.

As the narration continues, the trailer shows her raging at the familiar abandoned scrapyard. It then cuts to a scene where we are finally introduced to the mysterious character of Rachel Amber. It appears that we are finally going to discover more about this particular part of Chloe’s life which raised so many questions back in the first game. In this trailer, we see how Chloe and Rachel first met and the latter’s desire to leave Arcadia Bay behind.

The trailer then cuts into a montage of some fast paced scenes throughout the game and a conflict between Chloe and Rachel. Basing on that scene alone, we can assume that most of the game's drama would revolve around Rachel’s desire to leave and Chloe’s tendency to become codependent.

You can watch the trailer below.

More details about the game

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, the first “Life is Strange” game has developed its reputation for its oftentimes cheesy dialogues and over dramatic sequences. And with what we’ve seen so far in the trailer, it appears that the upcoming prequel is going to embrace the teenage drama at its very core.

In the gameplay video released awhile back, we also learned that there will be “backtalk challenges” scattered throughout the game that will give the players the ability to use sassy and jaunty responses to the other characters in the game.

Despite the initial criticism about Chloe’s angsty attitude, Square Enix assured the fans that she will develop into a deeper character over the course of the game.

Zak Garriss, the writer of the game, also stated that the players can expect a complete narrative arc that will showcase her different sides throughout the three episodes.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm” is set to release on August 31, 2017.