The exciting soccer-meets-driving game “Rocket League” is coming to the Nintendo Switch, and when it arrives later this year, it’ll have some of the Japanese company’s cars players will surely love. There’ll be three—one based on Mario, Luigi, and Samus respectively—and they’ll be free unlockables at launch, developer Psyonix announced.

New cars exclusive for the Nintendo Switch

First of the bunch is technically one car: the Mario NSR and Luigi NSR. The version a player gets to drive depends on what team he’s on – Luigi on Blue and Mario on Orange.

Yes, it is sort of weird, as each car is mostly green or red, with blue highlights that are meant to look like suspenders. But color critiquing aside, both will have the Super Star boost that leaves behind a trail of stars, which is absolutely fabulous.

The ‘Metroid’-themed car has a super cool name – the Samus Gunship Battle-Car, which comes in two options depending on the lovely Samus’ Varia Suits. It looks like a cross between a Lamborghini and something out of Tron, all lowered and metallic and fierce, with glowing neon green wheels. It also bears a neon booster trail, making this one slick looking car to use. You can see the reveal trailer for the three cars down below. Players can boost it up using the Wave Beam.

These exclusive items are in addition to the announcements made at E3 earlier this year, where Psyonix revealed that Nintendo Switch players would also get Mario and Luigi hats.

More ‘Rocket League’ details

First released in 2015, “Rocket League” took the gaming community by storm on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, and it wasn’t too long until it made its way to Xbox One.

Once again, the game is making the jump to a new console. On the Switch, it will support cross-platform play with PC and Xbox One, with PS4 missing since Sony isn't ready to play nice with others.

Although it isn’t a particularly complex game, it has the ability to entertain for dozens of hours on end. Players on two teams all drive small race cars around an arena, trying to put a single, giant soccer ball into the net of the opposing team.

Whichever team has the most goals scored at the end of the match wins. It’s that simple.

The Nintendo-themed cars will have their own unique trails and will be available only on the Nintendo Switch, as happens with console-exclusive content in this game. If you are playing with an Xbox One or PC player, you will see a generic car instead.

Rocket League” for Nintendo Switch is due out for Switch this holiday. It is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.