"Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" was an interesting concept of what war could be like in the future. But now it looks like Activision is taking a step back to give the fans what they asked for. For those who don't know already "Call Of Duty: WWII" is the next installment in the franchise, developed by Sledgehammer Games. The past installments featured impressive technological advancements. Examples include the ability to run on walls, a jetpack that can help players double jump, new sliding and kick abilities, and other skills that allowed players to rewind time and enhance speed.

This new installment will feature boots on the ground gameplay and the signature "dolphin dive" from previous games-- this allowed you to fall quickly to the ground and confuse your opponent. This "Call of Duty" will feature a story revolving around the 1st infantry division, this will tell stories of their journey on the western front. The story mode healing mechanic will be based around your teammates and med kits instead of unlimited self-heal.

How is the beta so far?

The multiplayer beta part 2 started today for Xbox One and PS4. The beta has five divisions available to use, but the perks are gone as of right now and are replaced with each division's special ability. Infantry, for example, use long ranged weapons and have bayonet charges as their special.

There is a new map available called Archen which is a war-torn Nazi-medium-sized town.

They also increased the level cap to 30 as of right now and added the M1A1 Carbine three-shot weapon you might remember from past installments. There will be more scorestreaks and game modes available for this weekend as well. The first beta received positive feedback however, players reported hit detection issues and glitches accordingly.

There were also a few cases where some players weren't able to receive their codes, Activision is taking steps to keep this from happening this time around.

If you have access to the beta bear in mind this is close to the final product (before polish updates are added) so if you don't like the beta you may not like the full game.

How to access the beta if you did not receive a code?

If you are having trouble accessing the "Call of Duty" website or haven't received an email-- you can try contacting Activision directly or tweet their customer support on Twitter. If you already entered a code on their website the code will be in the check status section of the main beta page. If you already downloaded the beta on the Xbox or PlayStation store you should already have it available.