So far, there have been a couple of trailers for the upcoming "Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus," but the latest one is certainly something special. The first half of the video is actually done in the style of '60s animated TV shows like "Batman," but with a nazi twist. The main character of this seemingly child-friendly show is a superhero by the name of Blitzmensch who uses the power of thunder to fight the enemies of Nazi Germany. Of course, it is a part of the alternate history of Wolfenstein games and sets the mood for the new installment set in alternate 1960s.

Here is the trailer.

'Wolfenstein II' trailer

The video starts like pretty much any animated superhero show from the 60s. A narrator tells us the origin story of the Blitzmensch superhero who was just a regular Aryan Olympic athlete before his zeppelin was struck by lighting one fateful day. He was immediately transformed into a powerful, flying superhero with amazing strength and the power of thunder. His costume is a combination of a regular superhero costume and a Nazi uniform, naturally.

We can see Blitzmensch knock out a nuclear missile, stop two trains from colliding using nothing but his bare hands, and empty out an enemy submarine as if it were a can of beans. Some of his most formidable enemies shown in the trailer are the colossal possessed Statue of Liberty, an angry Uncle Sam character riding a tank, and an American robot, among others.

Blitz defeats them all easily. Of course, Blitzmensch is not alone in this fight against overtly American characters. His sidekick is the beautiful Fraulein Fox, and he is often followed by his faithful dog.

The second part

Near the end of the show, we see live-action stars that portray the Blitzmensch himself, Fraulein Fox, and their American nemesis, the Illegal Eagle.

Once this section of the "TV show" ends, we hear a voice from the dark saying: "I've got kids on the way and I'll be damned if I'm gonna raise them in the world run by these Nazi a*******." That's where the actual gameplay starts, so you can just skip to 1:21 if you don't care about the theatrics. You'll see William "B.J." Blazkowicz burst through walls, explode Nazis, take on gigantic robots, fill a crocodile (or alligator?) with lead, and much more. It appears that B.J. isn't a fan of the Blitzmensch show.

What part of the "Wolfenstein II" trailer do you like the most? Does that Nazi show make you angry or make you laugh?