Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” seems to be one of the most highly anticipated games for next year, combining characters throughout the entire “Final Fantasy” franchise. While the spin-off shares the same name as its predecessors, it actually introduces new forms of combat through 3v3 battles. Moreover, Square Enix is continuing to add new characters to the roster as they continue to update the arcade version. In line with this, there is now an official release date for “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” along with its other special editions.

Conflict between light and darkness arrives next year

According to Twinfinite, the game will officially launch next year on January 30 on the PS4. Square Enix previously teased that it would be arriving early, and they managed to deliver. It seems like everything is set for them as they are even going to hold a closed beta where players can try out the new mechanics and characters. This version will feature 3v3 fast-paced combat and will bring back the Brave system.

The game will also introduce summons as playable characters, which is another thing to look forward to. However, one major thing Square Enix removed in the upcoming game is the ability to customize your characters. Previously, you could build your personal play style around a character’s learned moves.

Instead of keeping this system, fighters in the upcoming game have attack sets that players must choose from.

Limited Editions

Aside from the announcement date, the game will be getting four special editions: Ultimate Collectors, Steelbook, Digital, and Digital Deluxe. Firstly, the Ultimate Collectors edition can only be ordered through the Square Enix Online Store and is priced at $189.99.

This version will include other goodies like a collectors box, a Warrior Of Light bust, hardcover art book, official soujndtrack, steelbook, and the season pass.

Meanwhile, if you choose to pre-order at specific retail outlets, you can get one out of three steelbook editions. Each steelbook will have a different design and contain characters from the game.

Take note that the distribution will be random, so you’ll have to pre-order more than once if you want them all. Moving on, the digital edition is now available to pre-order on the PlayStation Store and includes a DLC skin for Warrior of Light and a mini-soundtrack. Finally, the digital deluxe edition contains the season pass for $84.99.

It’s still unsure what Square Enix has planned for the “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” season pass but it’s likely that it will comprise of the future characters they plan to add to the arcade version.