The previous update version 2.0 that Nintendo released for Arms contained "Hedlock Scramble," a new arena called "Sky Arena," and an official addition of a new fighter named "Max Brass." Now, another update is now available for download that contains a new "Training" exercise with some adjustments to both fighter and arms (weapons used in battle). Update version 2.1 moves the "Training" option to the top menu along with additional five exercises with difficulty level indications.

Furthermore, the company also adjusted the way the rush gauge fills.

The amount is decreased when an attack does not connect with the opponent. A quick tutorial on how to switch targets will be displayed when 3 to 4 players start a battle. Also, a cursor will be displayed on the target player for a set amount of time. Next, Nintendo also changed the pause, results, and replay menus in "Training" for convenience. Lastly, corrected a bug that causes the game to hang up when players skip the ending for a particular time.

Fighters adjustments

Other fighters and arms were adjusted as well. Here is the information via Nintendo America below:


  • Master Mummy - he has increased movement during a jump and his dash speed as well.
  • Mechanica - they adjusted her midair duration when performing a jump attack
  • Byte & Barq - Barq gets up quicker now
  • Kid Cobra - he has an increased movement speed when he jumps now

Arms adjustments


  • "Boomerang" - they increased its homing and extension speed.
  • "Coolerang" - the same changes are applied from "Boomerang."
  • "Revolver" - they increased extension and retraction speed with improved curve performance. Shortened time from starting a rush to the first shot.
  • "Megawatt" - they improved curve performance and increased its retraction speed.
  • "Slamamander" - an increased homing adjustment.
  • "Retorcher" - a boost in curve performance with an increase in expansion rate and retraction speed.
  • "Parasol" - they decreased expansion rate during charge attacks while increased when extending. They also increase retraction speed.
  • "Guardian" - fixed minor bugs and behavior during a rush attack connected to a wall or platform. Also, when a charge attack connects, electric shocks last longer.
  • "Blorb" - fixed and improved its behavior.
  • "Tribolt" - they increased the speed of extension and a decreased points in rush damage.
  • "Triblast" - charge attacks have increased speed.
  • "Homie" - an increment in rush damage.
  • "Seekie" - they incremented the speed of retraction. Also, when a charge attack connects, electric shocks last longer.
  • "Ramram" - an increase in speed of retraction while a decrease in expansion rate and speed for charge attacks.
  • "Cracker," "Popper," and "Hydra" - an increment in the speed of retraction.
  • "Bubb" and "Buff" - decreased expansion rate and extension speed.

Arms is out now on Nintendo Switch consoles. As for the updates, Nintendo will keep releasing updates to ensure that the mechanics are fair and just for everyone. Just like their other game "Splatoon 2."