Nintendo announced another update for the Nintendo Switch title "Arms." The update is version 2.0 and includes the previously announced Max Brass. Along with the new playable character, major features are added in the game as well. The update includes a new set of Arms, new Hedlok Scramble versus mode, Sky Arena, and more.

Max Brass was previously teased and is now included in this update version 2.0. As the demand for the Nintendo Switch console arises, Arms is a step closer to becoming a fun e-sport for everyone to play. Here is a refresher from Nintendo of America's announcement last month:

Along with the announcement, here are two Twitter posts from the same Twitter user above that presents the update version 2.0.0 and the said playable character.

Release notes

Here are the following release notes via Nintendo support website:

  • New ARMs added namely "Roaster," "Nade," and "Kablammer."
  • ARMS League Commissioner "Max Brass" added to the playable character roster.
  • A new stage called "Sky Arena" has been added.
  • Players can now view their "Stats" that contains the following sub-categories "Best Stage," "Most Used Fighter," and "ARM accuracy."
  • New versus mode called "Hedlok Scramble," where players touch or hit the capsule that contains the Hedlok mask to become a Hedlok. This can only last for a certain period of time.
  • Along with the "Stats" menu, players can also view "Events" from the Top menu. Players can toggle this on and off whether they want to participate in online events or not.
  • The highest rank is raised to 20 in Ranked Match.
  • Increased penalty if players disconnect during Ranked match play.
  • Shortened the time for the ARMs to return after being extended for easier use. These are the following ARMs: Megaton, Revolver, Megawatt, Boomerang, and Retorcher. The same goes for Popper, Cracker, and Hydra when these are knocked down.
  • Improved movement speed of the Guardian and visibility for charged attacks, especially for the Popper and Cracker.
  • Decreased amount of damage during Hydra's rush when it connects to multiple consecutive hits.
  • Decreased Kid Cobra's jump distance.

Other fixed issues

Other minor yet important fixes involve the performance of the playable characters and in online play.

Here are the following:

  • Fixed issues of Ribbon Girl's prolonged airborne position, Ninjara's light boxes issue in the Ribbon Ring stage, and shortened "Triblast" recovery time during deflection.
  • Fixed ARMs issues such as Megaton, Blorb, and Slapamander.
  • Lastly, minor fixes on online play include the issue of the indestructible Scrapyard pillars, V-ball issues, and more.

The update version 2.0 for Arms is out now for download. For a more detailed information of the release notes of the said update, it can be viewed on Nintendo America support website.