Atlus recently released their teaser website for their upcoming game for the Nintendo 3Ds console. The game title is "Persona Q2," a sequel of the first one. For fans to discover only the website, this is confusing and mysterious. However, the team behind the Persona series did not yet provide any further information regarding the upcoming 3DS title. Fortunately, the teaser website presented a package of information and links that fans can tune in to. These are the Twitter page, Personal Channel, and the Atlus official website.

Focusing on the Twitter page, Atlus frequently updates the page with posts such as the one below.

The post showed the advertisement of the "Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night" and "Persona 5: Dancing Star Night." Here it is below:

And another post that announced the teaser website for Persona Q2 below:

Next year release date

Another post from Atlus themselves presented a certain release date of Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night, which will be next year on Spring 2018.

The post can be viewed below via Twitter:

Unfortunately, there is no detailed information for eager fans so far. For now, they must keep their eyes open for more updates that will be dished out in the future.

The websites and pages are provided for them to see and follow.

'Persona Q2' logo

Basing on the teaser website provided by Atlus, the logo of the upcoming game presents a hat with a flaming mask, pertaining to the "Phantom Thieves" in Persona 5. Focusing on Persona 5, the game garnered numerous praises from both Western and Japanese fans.

The sales of this game topped 1.8 million worldwide, which is a pretty decent game that captured the hearts of millions of players.

Furthermore, below the hat-and-mask logo, a phrase goes this way: "Take Your Heart." In line with speculations and rumors from other sources, this phrase may refer to a song or part of the title that finishes "Persona Q2." Here is the overview of the whole logo with the game's title below:

Numerous game companies use the latest consoles to promote their games such as the PlayStation 4 and, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. However, for Persona Q2, the game will be on the Nintendo 3DS console instead.

Hopefully, Atlus may release this game on other consoles as well not limited to only one.

Lastly, this is another step forward for the Persona series. Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night will be released on the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita consoles next year.