The “OverwatchSummer Games will officially be making its return next week. Aside from all the previous content, the 2017 events will also include 40+ new content. In line with this, it seems like Blizzard might be returning some of their previous events. These special occasions each had their own set of cosmetics and special arcade brawls like Junkenstein’s Revenge and Mei’s Snowball Offensive. Having said this, here are some “Overwatch” events we’d like to see make a return in the near future.

Halloween Terror

Halloween Terror was the game’s second event in celebration of the frightening October holiday.

Here, we saw some amazing new skins like Witch Mercy and Ghoul Ana along with some new highlight intros, victory poses, voice lines and more. This was the first event that actually allowed players to buy cosmetic items, albeit at a much higher price. Aside from cosmetics, Halloween Terror included the very first PvE mode where four players took control of a team consisting of Soldier76, Hanzo, Ana, and McCree as they fended off AI controlled omnics from invading Eichenwalde castle. The brawl was met with a positive response as fans begged the developers to make a similar mode in the future.

Winter Wonderland

Arguably the weakest seasonal event so far, Winter Wonderland was pretty much “Overwatch’s” way of celebrating Christmas and other similar holidays.

Just like other seasonal events, we also got a good set of impressive looking skins, but there was an issue with Mei’s legendary skin. The price cost for the outfit was 3000 credits and many argued that it was simply a reskin of her default outfit. The brawl was also a bit underwhelming as compared to Junkenstein’s Revenge, but players still enjoyed it nonetheless.

Despite its flaws, there’s no doubt that Winter Wonderland can still be a great event if Blizzard tweaked it a bit before bringing it back in the game.

Uprising or another lore event

Uprising was considered to be one of the most successful “Overwatch” seasonal events as it was the first event that focused on the game. Here, we got to learn a bit more about the game’s cast, like Tracer’s first mission.

Aside from the other cool cosmetics, Uprising included a new PvE arcade brawl which was much more dynamic than Junkenstein’s Revenge. Overall, Uprising became something of a new standard when it came to future events because of how intricate it was. If Blizzard doesn’t decide to bring back Uprising, here’s to hoping they’ll make more lore seasonal events in the future.