Published and developed by Nintendo for Wii U and its latest console, Nintendo Switch, "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" is an action-adventure video game with a massive open world.

The internet is brimming with all sorts of guides and walkthroughs that cover everything you need to know about locations, quick fixes for every shrine, Captured Memories, ways to gain hearts from meals, and lots more.

When you download the first expansion of the 'Breath of the Wild' dubbed, The Master Trials, it will add the Hero’s Path to your map. As soon as you press X on your map screen, the DLC will allow you to backtrack your adventure across Hyrule.

In the case that doesn't happen, you will be able to at least retrace the initial 200 hours or so. This guide will shed more light on exactly how to use the Hero’s Path.

How to control the Hero's Path

While the analog thumbsticks have charge of the map and zoom, as usual, the D-pad has a slew of functions. There are some options you can opt for to control the Hero’s Path (once you press X on the map screen) using the D-pad:

With left and right you can scrub through your timeline, and with the help of up and down you can keep a tight rein on the speed.

With the A button, you can repeat your steps (backward and forward), while with the B button, you can pause playback.

Using the Hero's Path

This is no child's play and takes some practice before you can start moving the playhead across your timeline; however, it is imperative to bear in mind that's not how you can take maximum advantage of the Hero’s Path.

Even at its highest, you must remember that the playback speed of the Hero’s Path isn't actually fast. In other words, watching your game from starting to conclusion will be time-consuming.

But fret not. Using the B button, you can pause the playback and scrub through the timeline relatively faster. Just like with the playback, you can handle the scrubbing speed using up and down on the D-pad.

No doubt, it's fun watching your tiny icon whooping it up and repeatedly dying, but you need to focus specifically on the latest map. It will not only show you all the places you've visited but also places you haven't visited yet.

This comes in handy in ferreting out shrines and koroks that are spread out across the world you probably might not have noticed. It is more advantageous when you merge it with the korok mask.

The challenge mode comprises sixty levels and enables players to boost the overall power of the Master Sword.