The Nintendo Switch has been a rather hard console to find since it officially launched earlier this month. There had been plenty of people who were plenty annoyed a number of devices that shipped seemed to be far too low. Now it looks as though Nintendo is attempting to fix that mistake and the console is starting to show up in retailers once again. The real question now is whether or not the Switch is here to stay or whether we'll see them show up on physical and digital store shelves and they almost immediately pull a disappearing act once again.

Nintendo Switch popping up on

Not only does Amazon have the Nintendo Switch back in stock, but thanks to it's Amazon Prime service, you can order the device online and get it tomorrow if you're quick enough on the draw. The return of the Switch to the retail giant's website appears to be a new thing as eagle-eyed Internet users have been pointing it out on social media all day on Friday. There is only one version that comes only with the Gray Joy-Con. Those who were hoping there would also be a signature Amazon price drop are going to be disappointed as well. Nintendo's newest console is still showing a price tag of $299.99 though it would be quite interesting if the price was dropped, considering the Switch has been incredibly popular so far.

GameStop got the Nintendo Switch back too

Amazon was actually beat to the punch this week by retailer GameStop. That company announced last week it would be getting more stock and said the Switch was indeed back on its shelves on Wednesday. This appears to indicate Nintendo is doing a decent job of getting the console back in the hands of the public, even if the firm is doing so quite slowly.

There isn't yet an avalanche of new Nintendo Switch stock. Stores like Bestbuy and Target are still so out of stock you can't even back order and wait. One has to wonder if Amazon and GameStop were strategically picked as being well ahead of the other retailers or if we can expect a return to those other companies in the very near future. The Nintendo Switch officially released world wide on March 3, 2017.