Rumors about developer Rockstar Games working on “GTA 6” have been around since last year. It seems fans just will not let go of it. Well, they cannot be blamed – the series is indeed worth extending. Interestingly, according to Unilad, the studio might indeed be working on “GTA 6” after all. The clue had something to do with an actor’s resume. Here is everything about this surprising news in a nutshell.

Thanks to the resume

A motion capture actor by the name of Tim Neff has included some interesting details on his resume. He listed the works he had completed with Rockstar Games.

Believe it or not, one of the two is “GTA 6,” with “Red Dead Redemption2” being the other one. He also included in the list Sony’s “Reborn.” Apparently, he was referring to Rockstar Games here as the studio producing the titles. This is an exciting turn of events, considering the studio’s denial since the development rumor surfaced last year.

Neff’s resume or profile was discovered posted on both and Resumes Breakdown Express. “GTA 6” enthusiasts were then quick to notice the significant detail, which signals the production of the sixth iteration in the franchise.

Usually, motion capture actors’ work is only deemed completed some way into a title’s overall production. This means that, in one way or another, an announcement is coming. It could either be later on this year or early next year. Regardless, this should stir the interest of the community once again.

The first official proof

Well, for sure, Rockstar Games cannot deny this anymore.

Unless of course if the “GTA 6” motion capture actor lied, but this is very unlikely. This is the first official evidence that the title is really in development. Remember that in the past, everything was based on speculations and rumors. Nothing substantial came out from them anyway. But with this one, there is no denying anymore.

The sixth title is indeed in production, and it is only right for the studio to follow up with the game.

Rockstar Games’ decision to develop “GTA 6” is not entirely a surprise. The franchise has proven to be a massive success, enough to keep the money flowing. “GTA 5,” in particular, is simply off the charts. It is breaking records after records, most of which were set by its predecessors. With the new installment, there is no reason not to believe that it will garner the same success. It is just a matter of time before the studio officially announces it.