God Of War is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated video games launching in early 2018 as a first-party exclusive title for Sony’s current-gen console, PlayStation 4.

Even before its official launch, the latest chatter now points to a possible trilogy to pan out after the release of the new GOW game in early 2018. Game director Cory Barlog teases such possibility could actually come true.

Story arc mapped out for multiple games

It looks like fans will be treated to more GOW games in the future after Santa Monica Studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment release the fourth title of the series.

In his most recent interview with Daily Star, Barlog revealed that he already thought out of the possibility of multiple “God of War” games coming in the pipeline after the release of the fourth game.

No prize for guessing, but the new title can be a beginning of a new trilogy, all because of its huge popularity among the loyal gamers of the franchise. The high anticipation of the next installment goes way back and lingered long before its surprise debut at last year’s E3.

One of the best 2018 titles

Apparently, Kratos' next adventure has been viewed as one of the best games in development for PS4 and it is highly likely that this major IP get a follow-up or two. Barlog said he saw this possibility happening in a not so distant future.

When he was asked if it’s a done deal, the game director was safe to say that he is only trying to finish the game. But he went on to add that when he chose the story, he already mapped out an outline of that story for possible sequels.

There is a story arc in his mind that will further Kratos and Atreus' adventure in the new game.

Seemingly, what the team is currently doing now is leaning towards the birth of the next title.

New trilogy on the cards

In his own opinion, Barlog thinks that the franchise will be around for quite a while. He said that personally, he knows he still got two more, hinting that another trilogy could be on the cards if things work out as planned.

The game was definitely the crown jewel during Sony’s press conference, with an epic poster hanging outside the towering building in downtown LA days prior to E3 last month. It again stole the show with a stellar gameplay trailer that teased fresh elements of the in-game world.

"God of War" story will focus on a rather personal bond between Kratos and his son, Atreus. It is developed as an exclusive third-person action-adventure title for PS4 consoles and slated to arrive in early 2018.