GTA 6” has been in the rumor mill for as long as fans can remember. While most of the talks within the community revolve around the current iteration, speculations about the sixth title never stopped. As a matter fact, new predictions about the game have just surfaced.

Almost everyone will agree that “GTA 6” is ripe for release. After all, Rockstar Games has been riding the success of “GTA 5” since 2013. So, in a sense, a new title for the franchise is just foreseeable. Hence knowing what the new rumors have to say is enough to keep the hype going.

Possible release date

Many thought that the studio will unleash the aforementioned title in 2018, as each title in the series has a 5-year interval between them. However, this theory was quickly debunked when the video game company announced the upcoming arrival of “Red Dead Redemption 2,” a sequel to the critically acclaimed installment from 2010. This only made the chances of "GTA 6" getting released next year slim.

Apparently, though, an analyst for the Wedbush Security named Michael Pachter explained that “GTA 6” is a game that Rockstar would want to unleash in 2024. Obviously, this is far from what most fans have expected. This is basically six more years from now, something that will involve a lot of waiting.

Pachter revealed this in a podcast, saying that the year is the most acceptable timeline for a new installment to be released.

Why 2024 and not earlier?

First and foremost, Pachter is a well-known video game analyst and he has been a reliable source within the industry. So, in one way or another, what he just said might have value.

After all, Rockstar is definitely full. How exactly? Well, the developers from the studio are working on completing “Red Dead Redemption 2,” a game they promised to be released next year when it should have been this year. This alone should push the video game company to a decision to halt any development progress, if there are, concerning “GTA 6.”

Now, just because “Red Dead Redemption 2” already exists by the time 2018 hits, it does not mean that the studio is free to develop another IP or sequel.

Of course, not. Rather, they would pursue a supporting role for the follow-up title, so as to give its sales a boost. This is not to mention all the contents and/or updates that the developers will have to make. Add all of this and the sixth "GTA” game will be ripe for another three or four more years. Regardless, there is no doubt that the studio will not proceed with this title. The series have proven to be the company’s cash cow, and it is a silly move for a business entity not to take advantage of it.