Things have been sketchy as to how far 2K Sports is right now for "WWE 2K18". Most have been rumors though the latest on the next installment comes no less from current WWE Raw General Manager Kurt Angle.

Angle confirmed via Twitter that he will be the pre-order bonus for "WWE 2K18", confirming earlier speculations that he would have a special role on the next wrestling game edition. However, it also begs to ask on what capacity the former WWE champion will be taking on. Will he be purely a general manager or will he suit up and give players a chance to reminisce his wrestling prowess?

Kurt Angle storyline

Before Angle revealed he would be the pre-order bonus, there was a trailer for the game that spread over social media. This involved a mystery person vandalizing the WWE museum. With Angle playing detective, it would, later on, be revealed that the perpetrator is actually former WWE Champion Seth Rollins.

For those who know their WWE history well, Rollins played magnificently as a heel when he was still under the watch of Triple H and the Authority. Having portrayed that character to the best of his abilities, it seems that the “Architect” will be doing the same again – at least on "WWE 2K18."

The discovery is one thing but would it get as far as to see Angle and Rollins go one-on-one?

That scenario could be possible especially on fantasy matches or arcade mode. And the storyline? Possible as well.

With those possibilities, what are the chances that Angle and Rollins would actually tangle in regular WWE shows? While the creative team could easily map that out, it does carry lots of questions too. Angle retired when he was still with TNA before eventually being enshrined in the WWE Hall of Fame at Wrestlemania 33.

Some legends have returned to action despite that and Angle obviously still has what it takes to compete.

What else is there to expect from 'WWE 2K18'?

Aside from Angle and Rollins, previous reports alleged that AJ Styles and Cesaro had already undergone body scans. The majority of the WWE stars are expected to follow though most are more concerned about the new faces like the Hardy Boyz and Austin Aries.

From the looks of it, these new and/or returning faces will be squeezed in with the rest on "WWE 2K18."

Aside from the characters, there is also the return of Universe mode. It signals the return of the patented general manager mode, something that places players in the seat of Angle or Daniel Bryan as WWE general managers. The obvious task is to rack up the ratings for either Raw or SmackDown. More updates are expected in the coming months before the game rolls out later this year.