The Legendary Pokemon has been one of the most talked them in "Pokemon Go." It has already been known that players can capture creatures like Articuno, Moltres, and Lugia, but one of the great unknown is how to do to Catch them all. Today, we bring a small post with three new ways to do so. It is worth noting that if we have not performed well throughout this great delivery developed by Niantic, now is the time to demonstrate everything we can do with it. Each legendary can be caught in different ways, so remember each of these techniques so that we can get a Lugia, Articuno and also a Moltres.

Check out every step you'll see below so you can show off in front of your friends when you prove you've gotten a Legendary Pokemon of this type.

Throw a Golden Razz Berry

The odds of catching a Legendary Pokemon will increase significantly if we use a Golden Razz Berry as our primary support. The multiplier of this tool is 2.5 x, which gives greater options to catch these rare creatures. Use the best Razz Berry you have under your command. In any case, you can get back to this variant when you finish the battles known as Raids successfully.

Throw a Curveball

Using this shooting technique also works to catch legendary. For getting the best with these features, it is necessary to keep a finger below the Pokeball, make it spin around the screen, being careful not to let it escape.

When the ball is in motion, it must be thrown into a place that allows the flying style to go out, because the ball grabs a curve backward to give it to the Pokemon. When using this method of shooting, additional points to catch a legendary increase.

Make a great throw

According to some data, a good throw can increase the chances of getting a good Pokemon by up to 25%.

Bonuses vary, but there will always be greater opportunities when the green circle the Pokemon is at its lowest level, and the coach throws Pokeball into that small spot. The smaller the circle, the greater the chances of having a legendary player in our profile.

Another additional step to take into account is playing in the local courtyard.

It would give you the possibilities of everything, and to catch legendary. Also, works for this method will be necessary between 8 and ten players, and you will have to reach the end of a legendary level 5 raid; Here you will already have a legendary opponent.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.