We’ve reported a major bug affecting players being abnormally kicked for being inactive when they were clearly active. As it turns out, after publishing, we’ve received multiple reports from the 'Overwatch' community that the bug affecting the inactivity algorithm was just the tip of the bug iceberg.

Reinhardt is very broken at the moment

Although Patch 1.13 addressed various issues with Reinhardt’s charge, it seems it has introduced a whole new set of Bugs. The biggest and most common bug with Reinhardt seems to be linked with his charge. Multiple of users have reported that they all have been charged by an enemy Reinhardt into a wall and pushing them behind it.

When the victim gets pinned and clipped through the wall, two things can happen depending on the location of the pin. They would either fall to their deaths right through the map or worse, they would get clipped into an inaccessible area of a map. Once they are stuck in there, there is absolutely no way to get out; the only way a glitched player can get out is by leaving the game and rejoining. Can you imagine how critical this is if it were to happen in a competitive match or an officially sanctioned tournament where prize money could be at stake?

Another, but less common bug with Reinhardt is related to his Earthshatter ultimate. It seems under certain conditions, Earthshatter would clip Reinhardt right through the map and cause him to miss his ultimate and fall to his death!

Lastly, ever since the change to his charge, it seems Reinhardt can no longer charge through destructible debris in maps. A normal sign post that he would normally charge through now literally stops him dead in his tracks!

Mei and Doomfist also affected by bugs

Although Mei didn’t receive any changes to her abilities or got any documented bug fixes, it seems her Ice Wall ability has been affected by a clipping problem as well.

Similar to Reinhardt’s charge, it would seem that Mei’s Ice Wall interacts with heroes in a really weird way every since last Thursday. 'Overwatch' player Iskierka’s Zenyatta was clipped right through the map by Mei’s Ice Wall despite having Transcendence on. Doomfist’s Rocket Punch is also affected by her Ice Wall. When heroes are standing on the Ice Wall, Doomfist’s Rocket Punch would not register and would totally be ignored.

This is quite situational, but it is still problematic as it can easily negate Doomfist’s most damaging ability.

Doomfist’s Rocket Punch still has weird hitbox problems where it would hit people that would seemingly be out of its hitbox range. We believe Blizzard will continuously tweak the ability until it stabilizes.

Other miscellaneous bugs

A few other reported bugs seem to be totally random. There seems to be a capture point contest bug where the capture progress would reach 100% but not trigger anything and we would still hear the contest sound effects. This bug was notably seen on a Twitch stream by Danteh.

There’s also a weird bug on Volskaya Industries where one of the moving platforms near the final capture point can instantly kill a player if you are standing on the floor where the moving platform slides on.

With every patch that Blizzard releases, comes a whole new set of bugs! 'Overwatch' is an incredibly complex game and it is no surprise that until the patch is released to the general public, we won’t be able to find all the bugs. Knowing Blizzard’s history with game breaking bugs, we suspect they will be patched very rapidly. We’ve reached out to Blizzard to see if there is a timeframe for resolution.

In the meantime, please share this with your friends and keep them informed so they don’t fall victim to these bugs!