Aside from revealing “God of War 4” at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Sony also made some huge waves after unveiling its upcoming “Spider-Man” game. The tech giant presented the superhero-themed game with a trailer, showcasing the first demo of the title. Interestingly, there is more to what players and fans saw during that time.

According to IGN, the setting (New York) where the webhead will be swinging in “Spider-Man” will be a huge one. In fact, its scale is enormous enough to give players the freedom to explore it further. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

How big New York will be in-game

Developer Insomniac Games revealed via Twitter how big the setting would be in the upcoming game. Although they cannot make a direct "comparison,” the setting is expected to be “several times larger” compared to “Sunset Overdrive’s” Sunset City. The latter title was also developed by the studio, too. The developers were prompted to answer after a fan asked them about how big New York will be in the game than “The Witcher 3’s” map.

Interestingly, “Sunset Overdrive” was not a small title in its most organic form. In fact, the Xbox One exclusive game was deemed the “biggest title” Insomniac Games has ever developed. If “Spider-Man” is indeed larger, then there are a lot of windows for players to explore.

This is definitely enough to keep their interest stirred, as their character swing from one building to another.

Is the game open-world

Sony at E3 did not explicitly confirm “Spider-Man” to be an open-world game despite the audience’s insistence to unravel the truth. However, based on the trailer, there is every reason to believe that it would offer an open-world gameplay.

In fact, this setting would allow players to experience a handful of minor and major missions, though the developers were keen to keep things under wraps.

Insomniac Games also revealed another interesting detail about the “Spider-Man” game, particularly on its character customization. The upcoming title will allow players to don a variety of Spidey’s suit.

It just remains a mystery as to what exactly they are, though both incarnations of Peter Parker and Miles Morales will be present. The developer foreshadowed that some of these suits are pre-loaded while some will arrive via DLCs or expansions. This is something that players should look forward to. The PlayStation 4-exclusive is slated to the hit the shelves come 2018.