Another set of interesting details is available for fans of the upcoming first shooter game, “Destiny 2.” This time it involves the two subclasses in the game that Bungie previously revealed. Here are the latest details about the abilities of the Sentinel and the Voidwalker.

New subclasses

A couple of months ago Bungie revealed that the Titans will have a new subclass dubbed the Sentinel. Aside from that, a returning subclass is also shown, known to many players as the Voidwalker Warlock. The announcement was vague and fans were left wondering what the new subclasses would be like in terms of abilities and moves.

A new video courtesy of IGN was recently released, which shows the Sentinel and the Voidwalker in action.

The gameplay is five-minute footage of the Crucible in the newly reworked game mode, Control. Players can see the Sentinel displaying the majority of its abilities. The impressive Super is also shown in the video below.


Noticeably, the first video showed the Super Shield ability of the Titan subclass. The Sentinel draws a void shield and utilizes it to move across the in-game map. the video also shows how it uses 'melee' against enemies by using a one-hit kill. Aside from that, the footage also shows the Sentinel hurling down what appears to b a barrier or a shield to lock down a particular area in the map.

It then casts a Suppressor grenade that restricts the enemies from using their abilities for a brief period. The Sentinel is also shown using the Sweet Business exotic auto rifle. It appears to operate similarly to a chain gun or a Gatling.

The Voidwalker Warlock

Aside from the Sentinel, a returning subclass in “Destiny 2” was also presented.

However, despite being an old subclass, there are noticeable changes and tweaks with the Warlock subclass, the Voidwalker. In the video, the Warlock Subclass shows its Blink jump ability. Also in the footage is the subclass' Scatter grenade. Interestingly, the most impressive abilities of the returning subclass shown are the Super and the Nova Bombs.

The Voidwalker Warlock and the Titan Sentinel are just two of the subclasses that join the Dawnblade and the Striker in “Destiny 2.” The abilities mentioned earlier will be playable during the game’s beta. For PlayStation 4 users who have already pre-ordered the game, they will have early access to beta starting July 18. Xbox One users will be able to access the game’s beta starting July 21.