Last Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) had tons of comic book fans excited, as Marvel’s “Spider-Man” game was revealed. Again, this is not a film; it is rather an upcoming title exclusive for Sony’s PlayStation 4. Developer Insomniac Games is the one responsible in helming the development areas of the game.

During the E3 event, the first gameplay trailer for Marvel’s “Spider-Man” was unveiled. The audience got to see the web-head (Peter Parker if not in his red suit) chasing a helicopter. But what is really interesting is the design of the character’s suit, which is somehow different from the usual Spidey outfit.

Interestingly though, the developers of the game are planning something even better.

Alternate suits for 'Spider-Man'

Insomniac Games revealed via Twitter (as a reply to a fan) that the game will feature multiple and/or alternate suit options for the character. This means that what players saw in the trailer will not just be the outfit the young hero will be wearing. Apparently, the studio did not reveal any details as to how varied these suits will be.

It even remains a mystery whether these “Spider-Man” suits will be pre-loaded or if players will have to acquire them via missions. (The latter is the most logical option, though). What is confirmed, however, is that Miles Morales, Peter Parker, and the "Ultimate Spider-Man" will be included in the game.

Perhaps the video game company will release more information about these in the next few months or so.

Release date and other characters

Sony also revealed via another trailer that Wilson Fisk, commonly known as Kingpin, will be part of Marvel’s “Spider-Man.” The game will even feature an infamous gang called the Demons, which is led by Mister Negative.

Other characters confirmed to arrive are Martin Li and Capt. Wannabe, who can be seen talking to the main protagonist in the E3 trailer. She is believed to be Wraith in Marvel’s comic universe. Interestingly, Marvel has said that they plan to develop comic-inspired games, but they should be rooted in the original stories. The company believe that by doing so, they will be able to hold off developers from creating games based on an established cannon.

Spider-Man” will arrive in 2018, with no specific date given yet. It will only be made available on Sony’s PlayStation 4. Insomniac Games promised to keep fans in the loop with new details and/or footages. For the meantime, it is best to enjoy seeing Spidey crawling on walls and swinging from one building to another through the video below.