Blizzard Entertainment will roll out loads of changes to the Feral Druid class in “World Of Warcraft.” These changes will be experienced by players with the release of patch 7.3.0.

General goal

In Blizzard’s official forum, Game Designer Seph revealed in detail a massive list of changes coming to the Feral Druid class of “World of Warcraft.” The changes are just in time for the arrival of Argus. According to Seph, the changes would like to decrease but not entirely displace the supremacy of the complicating and powerful talents of the big three, namely Jagged Wounds, Bloodtalons, and Savage Roar.

According to the game Designer, these three are winning by a big margin against other talents in their level in terms of output.

In addition, the game developer is also rolling out changes to balance the power of the big three and allow other talents to be sustainable. Moreover, they want to intensify the skill floor and decrease the error during rotation. Furthermore, Blizzard wants to compensate for the reduction of the power level of talents with baseline damage increase to the spec at the maximum level. This way performance will not really be impacted while bringing up the bottom of the spec.

List of changes

With patch 7.3.0, players will notice major changes with the Feral Druids. Among these include an increase in damage by 33 percent while Jagged Wounds are decreased to just 20 percent from the previous 33 percent.

At all combo points, Savage Roar duration is added 50 percent more. Meanwhile, the bonus for damage is decreased to 15 percent from the previous 25 percent. Players will also notice that damage bonus to Bloodtalons has been decreased from 50 percent down to only 25 percent.

Aside from those major changes, there are also talent alterations that are included in patch 7.3.0.

This includes Jagged Wounds being moved from level 90 row to level 75. Savage Roar moved a notch from level 75 to level 90 row. Brutal Slash moved down from level 100 row to now level 90. While Elune’s Guidance moved up to level 100 row from the previous level 90.

World of Warcraft” Patch 7.3.0 is right now at the game’s public test realm.

It will take some time before these changes will roll out in the game. Nevertheless, fans are now excited about the set of changes that will roll out especially those who are into Feral Druid class. We will give you more updates about your favorite online role-playing game, as soon as information becomes available.