Just recently, Niantic introduced the highly anticipated event in celebration of “Pokemon GO’s” first-year anniversary. While the launch went well, not all players were really amazed with the things that the event brought. However, the studio did hint that more exciting things would arrive during the period.

According to Comicbook, the developers of “Pokemon GO” have brought a significant change to how eggs work in the game. Basically, the egg pools were tweaked in accordance to the ongoing anniversary event. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Egg pools tweaked

In its most organic form, egg pools determine what sort of pocket monsters hatch from certain, well, eggs. Over the course of time, Niantic has been changing this system with no prior notice or whatsoever. This was meant to keep the process at bay, with no possibility of exploitation, as notifying the changes defeats the purpose. Now, in light of the ongoing anniversary event, the studio decided to change it for the better.

As expected, there was no announcement from Niantic and it was only the “Pokemon GO” players who noticed the change. The most noticeable change in the egg polls is the addition of Ash Hat Pikachu, a special variety introduced specifically for the event. This pocket monster automatically replaces the normal Pikachus in the wild, though its duration remains a mystery.

But since this change was introduced during the event, this could only be a temporary tweak.

Other changes to the egg pools

Next in line is the addition of Spinarak, which is a bug-type Gen 2 “Pokemon GO” monster. Some players find the addition a bit strange considering that this creature belongs to the more common ones. With the history of Niantic’s changes, common creatures were removed from the 2 KM egg pool.

As for the 5 KM egg pool, a lot of Pokemon has been changed and added. The list includes the likes of Hopip, Swinub, Totodile, Cyndaquil, Houndour, Chikorita and Marill, among others. Obviously, most, if not all, of these creatures belong to the second generation pool. It could be that Niantic is targeting the change more on the said generation of creatures.

As for the 10 KM egg pool in “Pokemon GO,” a creature from the 5 KM egg pool was pulled and placed here. This is none other than Porygon, a popular Pokemon in the community. This may come as a surprise, but this should only be temporary. There is no viable reason why Niantic did so, though. Moreover, Chinchou was added to the said pool despite not being considered rare.