A few days ago, the highly anticipated “Overwatch” hero Doomfist was launched on the game’s PTR. Fans were ecstatic after finally getting their hands on the Nigerian hero. His backstory as revealed by Game Director Jeff Kaplan makes Doomfist all the more interesting. As one of the game’s offensive fighters, here are the latest tips and tricks on how to efficiently use the hero’s Hand Cannon and Rocket Punch

Hand Cannon

Like Orisa, “Overwatch's” 25th hero is ability-dependent. His major strength is utilizing his abilities to make combos, which can be maddeningly lethal when properly executed.

His default primary fire is the Hand Cannon. It is a cannon in his left hand, which has the ability to fire four projectiles from every knuckle in his fist. Every shot contains six pellets and every pellet causes 11 points of damage to the enemy.

The problem is, this attack is short-ranged. Moreover, the magazine of the ammo for the hand cannon is limited to only four shots. The trick for this ability is to be able to efficiently get familiar with the pace of each firing rate. Also, players must always remember that after the magazine is empty, there is an automatic 0.7 seconds reload animation.

Aside from the limited ammo availability, the hand cannon’s range is also very short. While it can do a massive damage up close, the falloff of the range is precipitous.

Since its major function is powerful burst damage within a short range, he can barely use it to cause damage from a distance. However, players can utilize his gauntlet to swiftly close the distance.

Rocket Punch

The most useful and probably most powerful ability of the game’s 25th hero is the Rocket Punch. This multifunctional ability can be used even while holding down and being charged.

While in this state, The Successor can launch from a great distance, knock opponents and deal damage to those who are hit. It creates, even more, damage if it hit a target and sends it to the wall. Aside from those, Rocket Punch has a very brief four seconds cooldown. It can be used as the main offense tool and can help devise a successful escape when the fight is not going his way.


Akande Ogundimu is an heir to a company that is dedicated in prosthetic technology. Born to a wealthy Nigerian family, he lost his right arm during the Omnic Crisis. He later became one of the council members of the mercenary group, Talon Organization and eventually embraced the mantle of Doomfist. In a battle with “Overwatch” hero, Winston incarcerated him. He was recently aided by Reaper and the rest of the Talon to break free of Helix Security facility.Meanwhile, here

Meanwhile, here is the 11-minute gameplay for Doomfist's Rocket Punch courtesy of Gamespot. Enjoy!