It appears that the Final Fight boss Abigail will be the next character that will be introduced in the fighting game “Street Fighter V.” Upon release, the character will be available for purchase at $5.99.

Latest findings

On Saturday morning, on a “Street Fighter V” subreddit, Redditor Johasthan shared his latest discovery. According to him a hidden page on Capcom’s official website confirms that the Final Fight series’ boss Abigail is the next character that will be introduced in the game. The hulking great anti-hero is a popular boss in the original series.

The hidden page is specifically located on the character data section of the Capcom Fighters Network webpage. Every playable character in Capcom’s latest fighting game installment has its own page listed below this section. Noticeably, only playable characters that are currently available in the game have active pages.

Interestingly, if you change the three-letter character name abbreviation into web address to letters abg, the site will redirect you to a page titled ABIGAIL|Character Data. Substituting other three letter words other than abg will redirect you to a page not found site message. There are other DLC characters that have bios on the same site although they are found in a different section, revealed the Redditor.

The next fighter

If the recent discovery is true, he will be the fourth of the six characters for the second season of the game. Akuma was released fan-favorite characters Kolin and Ed in February and May 2017 respectively. Both Ed and Kolin had not been playable characters in the previous game installment.

As for his gameplay, nothing is revealed as of this time.

However, Abigail is a colossal fighter with eight feet height and weighs 580 pounds. He has a body of a grappler. He is known for his weapon, which is usually illustrated as a long chain. It could be possible that the next fighter will have long-range attacks. It is also possible, based on the previous characters that were introduced, that the gigantic fighter will introduce a new mechanic to the series.

Release date

In the later part of 2016, Capcom announced that it will be releasing new characters for the game every couple of months. However, it appears that this might not the case anymore. Ed’s release hit a snag and caused their previous release window some delay. Ed’s scheduled release supposedly on April was moved to May. Most likely, Abigail will be introduced in the game a month later than previously scheduled.

Meanwhile, Capcom has not yet commented on the latest speculation about “Street Fighter V’s” next character. We will keep you posted about the latest update of your favorite game as soon as we get more information.