There is a “World Of Warcraft” Easter egg that transforms players into a raid boss. It appears that Blizzard has a lot of surprises for players of the massive multiplayer online role-playing game. Here are the abilities that you can have when you transform into Gul’dan. There are also several locations that you can visit to access the clickable runes in the game.

Easter egg

In “World of Warcraft’sTomb of Sargeras raid, there are numerous runes hidden across the raid that can be clicked by the players. Each rune can only be clicked once by a player that lockout and reset every week.

Upon completing the tasks, the rune transforms the player into Gul’dan loaded with a fresh set of abilities. As Gul’dan, the player can take down even its own ally, and even throw fireballs. Aside from that, firing concentrated blast heat can also be performed by the transformed player.

Abilities earned

In addition, it also transforms the player hostile to the entire raid. Even though the player has already achieved a raid boss status, the player retains its health pool. The player can also use abilities such as Stealth and Bear Form. He will also receive 3 Gul’dan iconic abilities from the Nighthold encounter.

Among these abilities includes Liquid Hellfire, which has a 12s cooldown and deals 2.4M damage at the impact location.

The damage, however, decreases as players move further away. Fel Efflux is the second ability that players will get upon becoming Gul’dan. It has a 15s cooldown and deals a massive magnitude of damage every 0.5s on players who are in the beam. The only issue with this ability is that cannot be canceled or rotated. The third ability is the Fel Scythe, which has a 2s cooldown.

It deals 8.5 M damage split among enemies positioned in the front.

Runes locations

Some of these clickable runes can be found at the Terrace of the Moon at coordinates 44.28, 65.68. It can also be found on Chamber of the Moon coordinates 70, 50.42. Players can also check out under The Abyssal Throne at coordinates 43.5, 61.8.

Two more locations will be revealed soon.

Meanwhile, the next patch of the multiplayer online role-playing game is currently on Public Test Realm. It is just a matter of time and Blizzard will reveal the patch notes of the said update. We will give you more updates about your favorite game, “World of Warcraft” as soon as official information becomes available. For your daily dose of the latest gaming new and update, you may visit Blasting News.