Before June 2017 close, Nintendo confirmed the release of another of its retro console, the SNES Classic Mini Edition. The console will be available in the market following the unbelievable feat of the NES Classic. The fame of the nostalgic console is unprecedented that it barely stays at any store’s inventory. Here is a side by side comparison of the upcoming retro console against the already stopped popular console in terms of the controller and their game content.


The SNES Classic Mini Edition will be released in the gaming market with two controllers included in the package.

This is great news for all gamers who will be able to play the game with their friends using the console. Unlike the mini, the NES Classic was released with a single controller. For those who want to have two, they have to purchase the other one as only one is included in the package.

As for their cables, the smaller retro console will be available in the market with five feet long controller’s cable. A significant extra foot is a huge improvement that players will surely enjoy. The NES Classic was released with only three feet cable, which previously earned complaints in the gaming community. With longer cables, gamers can comfortably enjoy the game while on the couch with their eyes and neck relaxed.


The famous and usually out-of-stock NES Classic is a cool console that sparks nostalgia to gamers. Those who still have the original version have really no reason to get this console since the technology in the retro console cannot back the gamers’ expectations. While it has the fan-favorite title “The Legend of Zelda,” it is only good for those who want to have the nostalgic feel of the games released in the past.

Meanwhile, the Mini has one of the highly acclaimed games, “The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past.

Nintendo’s retro consoles are selling based on emotions rather than performance. If we compare the overall performance of these consoles to the latest A-list gaming consoles in the market today, it cannot be at par in any way.

However, gamers still buy it for history, nostalgia, and most of the time curiosity.

The latest mini retro console from Nintendo is now available for pre-order. It will be released in the market starting September 29, 2017. SNES Classic Mini Edition is the better version of the classic edition that the company stopped producing. With the feedback from those who purchased the classic, the Japanese gaming titan might have learned its homework well and have come up with an enhanced retro console that gamers really want.