It is rare for a mobile game nowadays to continue being relevant despite the steady grow of competitors. Fortunately for Niantic, “Pokemon GO” is an exceptional one. It continues to keep the interest of players at bay while making sure they get to experience the best gameplay.

According to ComicBook, there is a reason why “Pokemon GO” is still relevant despite the horrors it experienced earlier this year. Each event still has a good number of players joining and celebrating, with the first-year anniversary event being the epitome. It is interesting to know what makes the augmented reality game a staple in today’s mobile gaming.

The changes and new features

It cannot be denied that the game almost lost a good chunk of its player base. Many were bored with the dull gameplay, which was all about finding and capturing Pokemon. However, Niantic decided to give the game a boost by introducing a feature called Raid Battles. This gave the title a genuine multiplayer where players team up with other players to fight raid bosses. Players immediately found a whole new reason to play the game.

Pokemon GO” players are once again heading outside, finding groups and participating in raids. In just a blink of an eye, the mobile game has catapulted to the top. Unlike before, fans were losing hope due to the idea of just catching a Pokemon.

Sure, there were gyms and players can use their buddies to either attack and/or defend gyms. However, there was nothing concrete about that. With Raid Battles, though, players persevere as they have a level requirement to reach and, more importantly, they are encouraged to defeat the bosses.

No solid competitors at all

Believe it or not, “Pokemon GO” does not have any solid competitors in the industry.

Sure, there is Supercell’s “Clash of Clans,” but its popularity can never be likened to Niantic’s title. The fact that the mobile game uses the augmented reality technology already makes it a strong competitor. There might be other games that utilize such system, but their names are not close to this pocket monster game. Clearly, the title is alone in this competition, and it is a good thing, most especially to the developers.

Niantic is lucky to keep the interest of “Pokemon GO” players despite the crisis the game experienced before. Even those who decided to leave the game are starting to join, which is evident by the growing numbers of players that the studio announced last month. There is definitely no stopping this game from becoming a massive success.