Players of Blizzard's "Overwatch" have been enjoying the new content to arrive for the game just recently. The team-based multiplayer online first-person shooter, which was released in May to both consoles and PC, recently welcomed the new PTR character Doomfist (who is unfortunately not voiced by "Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor and "Overwatch" fan Terry Crews). Nonetheless, players have been enjoying getting to know Doomfist through his fighting style and armor. Recently, Ubisoft took to Twitter to share more about Doomfist and his background, and what inspired his skins.

Doomfist's legendary skins inspired by Nigerian culture

According to Polygon, "Overwatch" players may find that Akanda Ogundimu, who is better known as the new PTR character Doomfist, has two legendary skins. As per Ubisoft marketing manager Andrien Gbingie, these skins were inspired by Nigerian culture. The Nigerian Doomfist is of Yoruba descent, and it's only fitting that the two skins were inspired by orishas, spirits that serve as the gods of the Yoruba religion. Gbingie explained that the two colors correspond to two orishas, as the Avatar is the red orisha, which is "quick tempered and harsh," while the blue orisha is "cool, gentle and compassionate." He further explained, "Moreso than any character before him, most of Doomfist's skins really highlight and celebrate his heritage which is cool to see."

Rocket Punch has been balanced

In other "Overwatch" news related to the new PTR character Doomfist, PC Gamer reported that the signature Rocket Punch has been adjusted by Blizzard.

Its new total travel distance is now at 21 meters, compared to its 30 meters at launch. In addition, Doomfist's Seismic Slam now features a UI indicator in which players can see just how much damage the ability will inflict on its opponent. Moreover, when players use Seismic Slam, it can only aim at targets lower than the character's height.

Jeff Kaplan talks about the Assault and Escort maps

"Overwatch" has been known to have several maps to competitively play in. As per PVP Live, "Overwatch" game director Jeff Kaplan has released the win rate statistics for Attack and Defense in both Assault and Escort maps. He explained that the ideal balance for maps is "4-6% of 50/50" because "We've had periods in the early release and beta of the game where maps were skewed as bad as 30/70. When a map gets close to 40/60, most players perceive it as balanced." "Overwatch" is now playable on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.