The latest “Breath of the Wild” DLC will give players some new armor and masks Link can use in the field. Aside from making a serious fashion statement, these special items will buff the hero and give him some special effects that can aid him in and out of combat. However, the main catch here is that the game will not directly give you the items. Instead, you’ll have to explore Hyrule to find each piece.

In line with this, one of the said items belongs to the strange man-fairy called Tingle. Link can dress in the same strange green outfit which doesn’t grant much strength.

However, the compensation for this is that Link can run faster at night time. This armor set is especially handy if he’s being chased by monsters with no near stable or safe hiding place at night in Breath Of The Wild.

Finding the armor set in “Breath of the Wild”

NewsAtlas shares how you can find your own Tingle outfit after purchasing the Breath of the Wild DLC. The EX Treasure: Fairy Clothes mission will point the players towards other missions that contain the rest of the DLC items. Misko’s EX Journal will drop some hints that point to the location for Tingle’s outfits. Firstly, players should make their wake the northwest of Lake Kolomo in the Exchange Ruins. Search the debris in the area and pull out the chest which contains Tingle’s Hood.

From there, players must make their way to the Castle Town Prison next to the castle. You must slay the Guardian in the area first so prepare your best equipment. Once that’s done, explore the “entrance” area to find a treasure buried in the debris. Like before, use magnesis to free the chest and grab Tingle’s Shirt.

Finally, the last location is in the Mabe Villae Ruins which is located southeast of the castle.

Players should head in on horseback as it is a vast area filled with some dangerous enemies. Upon reaching the ruins, there is a broken guardian laying atop some water. Use magnesis to search for the chest under it to obtain Tingle’s Tights.

Other items from the “Breath of the Wild” DLC

Aside from Tingle’s outfit, players can also find other iconic series items like Majora’s Mask and the Phantom armor.

However, you will also have to explore the area to find each piece of equipment before actually using it.

While some may find the process to be too tedious, it’s actually a great way to explore more of the game’s world. Breath of the Wild also followed a similar technique with their first set of DLC, except the hunting scope was much more limited.