Breath of the Wild’ provides players with some nifty DLC costumes that Link can use to gain some impressive buffs in the battlefield. You can put on Majora’s creepy mask or prance around Hyrule wearing Midna’s Helmet. Even the iconic Phantom Armor appears in the DLC that boosts Link’s attack stat.

One major outfit included in the Master Trials expansion pack is the strange Tingle outfit that belongs to none other than the strange man in the series known as Tingle. The suit itself is very conservative as it wraps Link in green. But the villagers in the game are still freaked out whenever Link approaches them wearing it.

And to be fair, who wouldn’t be scared?

Finding the strange costume in ‘Breath of the Wild’

Some fans were honestly surprised after discovering Tingle wouldn’t be making his appearance in the latest Zelda installment. Nonetheless, Nintendo still found a way to sneak in a reference to the character through his DLC outfit. According to GameSpot, his outfit offers very low armor protection and it’s pretty obvious seeing as how it’s just a skintight green suit. However, the main perk from the outfit is its ability to increase in running speed during the night. That way, Link can easily escape those pesky skeletons or any other creature that may surprise him.

However, each piece of the whole costume is scattered around the world with a special book being the only clue that points players to its location.

The entire outfit consists of Tingle’s Hood, Tingle’s Shirt, and Tingle’s Tights found in the Mabe Village Ruins, Castle Town Prison, and near the Ranch Ruins respectively.

Scaring the Villagers in ‘Breath of the Wild’

Once you finally collect all the pieces, you can now start scaring villagers in the game. Comic Book shares that if Link goes to the village of Kakariko Village, he can scare the NPCs living in the area.

While they don’t scream and run away in fear, they do cringe once their beloved hero approaches them with such a questionable fashion sense.

Tingle’s outfit is only one of the many features included in the Master Trials expansion pack. Moreover, Nintendo plans to release another expansion later this year. If costume hunting isn’t your thing, you could also undertake the Master Trials – a grueling survival experience to unlock the full potential of Master Sword. Breath of the Wild and its DLC are now available to play on both the Wii U and the Nintendo Switch.