The “final fantasy” franchise is home to some unique characters found in video game history. Most of the characters, be that heroes or Villains, have been fleshed out to a good extent as you find out their motives behind their actions. While players spend most of their time with the good guys, it’s hard to not feel anything, be that animosity or even pity, towards the main villains.

Sometimes these characters have even been on the “good” side at one point before having their virtues completely corrupted after learning some sort of dark truth. Alternatively, these villains might be evil out of their own whim and simply find joy in destruction.

With that being said, here are my Top three villains from the Final Fantasy series.

Kefka Palazzo

This maniacal clown originally appeared in "Final Fantasy VI" as the court mage for Emperor Gestahl. However, he had already been brewing his own evil schemes behind his leader’s back which eventually led to him becoming a god and creating the world of ruin. Unlike most villains in a story, Kefka actually managed to achieve his goal and ruled as a supreme being before he met his downfall at the hand of Terra and his friends. Even without his godly powers, Kefka still poses a major threat with his powerful spells and magical capabilities.

Emperor Mateus

The evil ruler that controlled the Palamecian Empire and aimed to conquer the world through demonic forces.

Like a typical villain, he is ruthless, cunning, rude, arrogant and prideful. He would usually address Firion and the party with words like insects or worms and he never fights unless he absolutely needs to. After his death, his soul eventually splits in two where he gains both an angelic and hellish form. Both forms still retain his cunning qualities but he is eventually defeated by the party.

Despite his stereotypical qualities, the Emperor is always one step ahead for both the "Final Fantasy" heroes and villains.

Ardyn Izunia

While posing as a kind stranger who “assisted” Noctis in his journey in Final Fantasy XV, this villain actually orchestrated the entire events of the game. Ardyn had plenty to do with the lore of the game and had his own motivations throughout the years.

Just like the Emperor, his main source of power lies in his high-ranking position as a Chancellor. In battle, Ardyn has the same abilities as Noctis while having his own set of magic up his sleeve. Those who have looked deeply into his lore might even argue that he was never a "Final Fantasy" villain, to begin with.