Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” will finally be arriving on consoles early next year after a recent announcement by Square Enix. The popular crossover fighting game installment follows the two original PSP games while including some new mechanics to its gameplay. Similarly, all current characters and stages included in the arcade version.

Even so, many fans are still requesting for their favorite characters in the series to make their way into the game. There are plenty of iconic heroes and villains that deserve a spot in the upcoming game, but only the best will be able to make it in.

With that being said, here are three characters from the series that can deserve a spot in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

Tifa Lockhart

Tifa hails from the seventh installment in the series where she acts as a barmaid and operative in the terrorist group, AVALANCHE. She plays a big role in the main game and also appears in several spin-offs like Crisis Core, Dirge or Cerebus, and even in the film, Advent Children. She is Cloud’s childhood friend who helps him regain his true memories throughout their journey with the other characters. Tifa is no stranger to the Dissidia series as she was a playable fighter in Duodecim. With this in mind, adding Tifa in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT would be an obvious choice.

Locke Cole

Locke Cole appears in the sixth game as one of the proud members of the Returners. He helps Terra during the beginning of the game and also frees Terra from the clutches of the Gesahlian character. While he is considered as a thief, Locke insists that people refer to him as a treasure hunter lest they want a good scolding from him.

Seeing as how Dissidia Final Fantasy NT has a new “type” system, Locke could easily fit in the speed category because of his quick skills. Not to mention he is also a popular character among fans and has some deep ties in terms of lore from the original game.

Vivi Ornitier

This traditional black mage-esque character debuted in Final Fantasy XI as a playable character.

In battle, Vivi assists the team with a variety of powerful magic that can decimate enemies. Despite his power, this black mage is actually quite meek with low self-esteem. However, he learns how to mature and gain a different outlook on his life after traveling with Zidane and the group. Fans adore Vivi for his traditional Final Fantasy black mage design and his personal story of finding meaning in his life. With that being said, he would make for a perfect addition to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.