“Destiny” fans who haven’t upgraded to a PlayStation 4 Pro yet are up for an exciting deal. Sony just announced it’s bundling “Destiny 2” with a Glacier White Ps4 Pro, thanks to its eternal partnership deal with Activision.

It’s the first for the game to be bundled up with a white PS4 Pro, but fans had it coming. Special editions of black consoles often come in white, and it was only a matter of time before Sony came up with the cool deal. It’s one marketing stunt to entice more players opt for the Pro, including Xbox One users who haven’t made the leap yet.

What’s included in the ‘Destiny 2’ bundle?

It is for sure a limited-edition package, and PlayStation fans may recognize the contents of the package are quite similar to the Digital Deluxe Edition of “Destiny 2.” For $450, one will get a physical copy of the game, a Digital Content Pack, and codes for the game’s Expansion Pass, which means access to its upcoming DLCs will be granted automatically.

The Glacier White PS4 Pro “Destiny 2” bundle comes with a 1 TB hard drive and a white controller as well. Pre-orders are also available in Canada, where it’s priced $550. Sony has sent out a word that the white PS4 Pro will soon be available in Europe, although it hasn’t announced the pricing yet. For U.S.

buyers, the bundle will give them about $50 in savings, and of course, the honor of having a white system instead of the usual black one.

Is the white PS4 Pro available for standalone purchase?

It’s worth noting this is the first time Sony has offered the PS4 Pro in an entirely different color, although it did pull off a similar approach to the original PS4 and “Destiny” back in 2014.

The bundle was launched along with the game’s release date and came with a 500 GB Glacier White console, the DualShock 4 controller in Urban Camouflage, a month-long voucher to PlayStation Plus, and a vertical stand that also came in white.

Eventually, the white PS4 was released as a standalone product in Europe. It’s unclear for now if Sony will sell the new PS4 Pro bundle on its own, but Polygon reports the company hasn’t decided yet on the matter.

Meanwhile, the PS4 Slim has silver, gold, and white versions, but only the gold one had been sold in the U.S. for standalone purchase.

In other news, a new video for one of the game’s Crucible maps has come online, ahead of the game’s beta, which starts July 18 for PS4 and July 19 for Xbox One, first for people who pre-order the game. It then opens up to everyone on July 21, ending on July 23. Watch the video below.

The limited edition “Destiny 2” PS4 Pro bundle will hit the shelves Sept. 6.