Maxis recently teased the possible addition of a car gameplay to its popular life simulation game, “The Sims 4.” Fans have been wanting to see cars added in the game and it looks like it’s going to happen.

Maxis has a lot up its sleeves

There’s a lot going on at Maxis’ end right now with a handful of updates underway for “The Sims 4.” These include the freshly announced Toddlers-themed DLC, the fan-created Eco Living packs as well as the Pets expansion if leaks are any indication.

But it appears that the Sims team are hard at work with the latest tease of the possible addition of cars gameplay as well, which has drawn mixed reactions from the game’s hardcore players.

Car gameplay teased

The news of a car gameplay came out when SimGuruKimmi took to Twitter to tell fans that she’s curious to know how fans would like to see a car gameplay being implemented in current The Sims title.

For the uninitiated, there are only what’s called visual decor cars that can be seen in the neighborhood in the game. There are no activated options for Sims to own cars and a garage similar to past two titles of the franchise.

Mixed reactions from fans

The new survey has apparently drawn mixed reactions from avid gamers, where some say that Maxis should offer pets and seasons instead of adding cars that were already featured in "The Sims 2 and "The Sims 3." On the other hand, most of the fans are just excited to be able to contribute their own ideas to SimGuruKimmi.

Some also want the addition of RVs, bicycles, even motorcycles and the like. Other players mentioned including a mechanic career and animations like shopping in the car, or get a driver's license, to cite a few example from the growing list of suggestions from all the fans.

Maxis has enthusiastically poured in more support in order to add more flavor and to the fun experience of playing the game.

Is 'The Sims 5' happening?

Electronic Arts announced back in May this year that "The Sims 4" has proven a huge success and exceeded expectations compared to other entries in the series in terms of sales. The developer has added a wealth of paid downloadable items that also upped the revenue of the game post-launch.

For many, it could mean that EA will soon greenlight the development of the rumored next game, "The Sims 5".

The publisher once told the gaming community that the possibility of a fifth game depends on the successful release of "The Sims 4".

"The Sims 4" is now in its third year following the initial release of the title to Windows PC and Mac OS in 2014.